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39 Years Training in the Martial Arts

29 Years Owner / Instructor Unified Martial Arts Academy

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

U.S. Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor

Private Instruction

With Sensei Cory Albert

   Why private lessons?

* Your schedule may not allow you to train in our regular classes.

* You are a new or existing member that would like to sharpen up your technique or have some questions answered through extra practice.

* You are thinking of joining the dojo but would like to do a couple of private lessons first.

   Choose what to work on:

*  Martial Arts / Fitness Kickboxing

*  Self-Defense Training

*  Concealed Carry Training

*  Zazen - Meditation

Martial Arts / Fitness Kickboxing

Sensei Albert can help answer any questions you may have regarding your Martial Arts or Kickboxing training. You get to choose the area to focus on: Karate, Kali, Ju-jitsu, Swordsmanship, Kickboxing, Strength and Fitness, etc. Like a regular class, you will work on techniques, drills, and conditioning exercises for your skill and fitness level. 


Self-Defense Training

This option is for those interested in short-term self-defense training over formal martial arts training with uniforms and belts. Areas covered include: situational awareness and conflict avoidance, use of barriers and creating distance, and self-defense techniques and strategies for a variety of situations.


Concealed Carry Training

This follow-up training is available to those that have completed our MN Permit to Carry Class. Sensei Albert can go through anything you may have questions about – shooting fundamentals, dry-fire drills, rules of deadly force, “what if” scenarios, etc.

Zazen - Meditation

Having difficulty sleeping, focusing, quieting your mind? Sensei Albert can help instruct you with the proper technique and tips from his training at the Jotoku-ji Zen temple in Japan. Zazen gets to the root...thought. Through regular practice, one feels more centered, grounded, calm. Simple, yet challenging at first, Zazen offers many benefits to the practitioner.      


Getting Started

$25 per 40-minute session. You may also have 1 or 2 others join you to make it a small group private ($25/person). Discuss availability with Sensei Albert at the dojo or contact him via email.

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