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Concealed Carry Training


MN Permit to Carry Class

Cory Albert - USCCA Certified Instructor

Learn all the fundamentals of concealed carry and the rules of deadly force. This class will cover situational awareness, defensive shooting, firearm basics and safety, the physiology of fight or flight, and more. All experience levels are welcome, and you don't have to own a firearm.


In addition to basic permit class requirements, this training includes hands-on practice of proper grip, stance, awareness drills, creating distance, issuing commands, drawing from the holster, moving and shooting, simulated knife attack, etc. The training is fun, and you will feel like you've really learned something!



What are students saying about the class?

"Cory’s class is far above what I experienced in my previous two classes at different locations. We went over situational awareness, moving in and around obstacles, creating space for a successful draw, incorporating hand to hand techniques, verbal commands, and drills that we can use at home to improve. All of this was hands on, physical practice. His classes are taught in a martial arts dojo, so he has the tools and space to do this effectively. He also emphasized that a firearm is just a tool in your self-defense repertoire, and one you should (ideally) never have to use." - David C. 

"The hands-on and active simulation was great! I felt I learned (and retained) more than reading or watching only. It raised some physical responses that were great reminders of how the body responds under stress. Awesome!" - Eric M.

"Loved the interactive portions, preparing for real-life experiences, allowing us to get the feel of situations and different guns." - Annette E.

"Your class was excellent. There is no comparison to other classes I’ve taken in the past. Hands-on learning with drills and simulations is the only way to train over boring classroom learning. There is no question I will always renew with Unified Martial Arts Academy."

 - Doug M.

"This concealed carry class was the best! I have been to other classes that were very boring, this one is anything but! It was very informative and fun, practicing drills was quite useful, especially for those who haven’t held or fired a handgun before. Plus, who better to teach the class than someone who's profession and expertise is self-defense. We had a great group too! I will always take future renewal classes with Cory Albert!" - Melissa M.

To Register: Our next class is Sunday, October 15th 10am-3pm

Call or email to reserve your spot.

Phone: 651-779-8517


Where: Unified Martial Arts Academy for classroom and dry-fire drills and exercises. We then head to the range for the live-fire portion ($20 range fee). A firearm will be provided, or you may use your own.  

Cost: $115 (cash or check) includes:

* Coffee, water, fruit, and bars. You may want to bring a lunch. 

* The USCCA book "Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals" ($35 value).

* Use of a firearm at the range.

* Small group, hands-on training. Great for beginners!

* Defensive shooting techniques and drills, including stress simulation exercises.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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